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Here we go: Running a skatepark is definetely no easy task.
 Build new pipes and ramps, fix damaged ones.
Keep up a good relationship with the public and the authorities. 
These are, among others, the aims
of PARC AND RIDE, a non-profit organization that consists of young 
skating adults in their late teens to mid-thirtys. The Dudelange-based skatepark „Schmelz“ (literally „furnace“) 
is P&R’s playground, a skatepark and Dirtline strongly visited on any sunny summer day.
It is also the setting for the annual 
PARC AND RIDE contest, known nation-wide by the name 
of „Dudelange on Wheels“ that attracts streetboarders, inline skaters
, skateboarders, DIRT and BMX alike, hailing from different European countries.
YOU may support Parc and Ride’s activities as well, either by 
purchasing a membership card (10euros) or by donating money. 
All contributions will be used in order to improve the skatepark and dirtline .




The project Bus started 2002. It concerns a former regular bus that is no longer functional offered by the National Service of Youth (S.N.J.). The bus placed in Dudelanges skate park will be the organizations clubhouse with free entrance to all members. The project includes a complete remodelling of the inside and the outside of the bus. Inside the bus, a counter and a few seating places will be installed. On the outside, an incline will start at the top of the bus.

Le projet “bus” a commencé début 2002. Il sagit dun ancien bus de ligne non-fonctionnel mis à notre disposition par le Service National de la Jeunesse de Luxembourg qui servira de lieu de rencontre pour tout membre de lassociation et qui sera placé sur le site du skatepark de Dudelange. Après une restructuration complète de lintérieur, en y aménageant, entre autres, un comptoir et quelques places assises, et une rénovation de lextérieur du bus, une pente partant du toît du bus permettra de fonctionner en tant que nouveau module.

iNET P&R1-5


If you want to contact us, this is our Address:

Parc and Ride A.S.B.L.
98, rue Lentz
L-3509 Dudelange


Skatepark Adress:

Route de Thionville
L-3475 Dudelange


contact formular